Flamewright Services Ltd.


The expert heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors at Flamewright Services Ltd. know what systems work best for homes in Parksville and area - we live here too! We may not be able to control the weather in our fair city, but our vocation is dedicated to controlling the climate inside our homes . If you need help with the repair, maintenance, or new installation of an HVAC unit, contact Flamewright Services Ltd. to help make sure your system stays running smoothly all year long.


  • Perform annual checkups on HVAC systems to make sure there are no leaks, wear and tear, and no gas combustion issues
  • Change filters at least twice a year before summer and winter
  • Keep plants and shrubs at least two feet away from outdoor units
  • Don't play too much with the thermostat, as a heating or cooling system cycle works best when left at a steady temperature.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to save on heating and cooling costs by programming it to adjust temperatures automatically at night and while you're out
  • Put less strain on your HVAC system by having a well insulated home, with well ventilated attics
  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors along with your HVAC system
  • Do not place hot lights, appliances, or devices near wall-mounted thermostats, as this may put your AC in overdrive


Use the Goldilocks rule of thumb when picking your new HVAC system. Choosing a system that is too large or too small will not function as desired and is liable to break earlier than expected. An HVAC contractor can help pick out the unit that is just right for your home's needs. Flamewright Services Ltd. can recommend a wide variety of options for our diverse clientele in Parksville and area, and help with the installation of any new HVAC system you choose.